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The New Investors In Aerospace

The aerospace and aviation ecosystem has reached maturity, and some of the most anticipated innovations and advancements are starting to bear fruit. 

What we’re seeing is nothing short of an Industrial Revolution, and we can expect the next unicorn company to come out of aviation. 

What’s driving the massive advancements and the evolution of start-ups is the decreased cost of launching satellites – turning billion-dollar ideas into viable possibilities.  

What are the biggest innovations the industry is looking forward to? Why is this such an exciting time for businesses in aerospace and aviation? In this episode, I’m joined by aerospace engineer, speaker, and founder and managing director of Starburst, Francois Chopard. He shares the most significant technologies that are revolutionizing the industry. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The future of travel: Mobility is going to become a bigger theme globally. There’s going to be a bigger focus on going from point A to point B as fast as possible, efficiently and cost-effectively. The enabling technologies behind urban mobility are becoming more accessible to startups which will be a huge boost. 
  • How AI can revolutionize aviation: The autonomous factor is going to play a bigger role in improving aviation going forward, especially at the most challenging parts of flights for pilots. During take-off and landing is when the load on the pilot is the highest and automation and AI can be put in place to reduce it. Automation won’t just benefit aircraft, but also air traffic management. 
  • Why low earth orbit is going to become more important: The opportunity in space is going to be leveraging and innovating in low earth orbit to take pressure off the resources on earth. We will have the opportunity to relocalize certain processes to make the earth better. Data centers are huge consumers of energy on earth, and putting them into low earth orbit is going to save a lot of energy.

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