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The Need For an Activist

Yesterday the Navy’s nominee for Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Bill Moran, “decided” to retire.

He did not want to subject himself to a nomination process that would highlight the fact he communicated with a former staffer “who had, while in uniform, been investigated and held accountable over allegations of inappropriate behavior.”

The communication crime? He exchanged emails with a former officer who, 3 years ago, got drunk and stupid at a party.

Huh? Unfortunately, here is the sorry message the Navy just sent to its junior officers:

1. Be great

2. But you’re only as good as your next mistake

3. And if you make that “mistake” at any point in your career, you’re out

4. What constitutes a “mistake” is very subjective and determined by unknown people at anytime

5. But don’t hide in a closet, either because then you can’t be great

The ultimate Catch-22.

In the meantime the Navy has crashed 3 ships in 12 months and screwed up BILLIONS of dollars of procurement / weapons programs and has a serious officer retention problem.

Bill Ackman, where are you?

The Navy needs an Activist Shareholder… or, at least some leadership.