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The Greatest Threat our Nation is Facing

Cyber technology is an integral part of our lives, and with so many new advancements, keeping up has become non-negotiable.

However, there is a price to pay. The competition between the US and China over AI and 5G is one of the greatest threats we’re currently facing. How we approach cybersecurity won’t just protect us, it can also create opportunities for peacebuilding and stronger alliances.  

What makes the AI and 5G rivalry so risky? How big an impact do companies like Huawei really have on our national security? Is there a way to keep up with the latest technology while dealing with political issues? 

In this episode, CEO of TheIntelligenceCommunity.com, Graham Plaster shares how to push for bigger, better tech while mitigating security risks.

Things We Learned from Graham

  • Why foreign powers positioned in our market is cause for concern: Foreign-owned tech companies aren’t automatically a danger, but we do need to be aware of who is purchasing and gaining access to our infrastructure. When a company beholden to a dominant world power establishes a foothold in our market, we could be putting our sovereignty at stake. 
  • The risk of isolating our adversaries in the information age: Having a clear line of communication with other countries, adversary or not, gives us access to extremely important information. Before isolating a foe, we have to consider if it’s really worth losing out on vital intelligence that could impact national security. 
  • How working with rivals paves the way for peace: Having our platforms and technologies in unfriendly territories may seem counterintuitive, but it could be the key to more peaceful relations. When we both have something to gain, we’re more likely to get along.