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The Future of Flight is Hands Free

Touchless travel will extend way beyond the pandemic! Touchless travel isn’t a new idea, but it is time to implement it.

Will we see hands-free technology implemented on airlines in the near future? Are there any other benefits, aside from health concerns, that make the technology a necessity?

In this episode, Founder and CEO of CUSI Aerospace, Kempen Cloete shares how the Nightingale system is set to revolutionize onboard health and safety measures. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How offerings like the Nightingale system will reduce liability for airlines: There’s always room for human error when people have to make judgment calls. Having the right technology removes the risk and creates an added layer of defense for everyone involved. 
  • Why thermal imaging assists more than curbing communicable diseases: Thermal imaging and photo recognition have the ability to identify anyone the moment they step onto an aircraft. This makes it a great way to speed up the boarding process and detect potential terror threats. 
  • How thermal imaging systems will ensure passengers feel comfortable flying: It doesn’t matter how many times we tell passengers we’ve cleaned an aircraft or that the air onboard is filtered, because seeing is believing. Passengers feel instantly more comfortable when they see a safety feature physically installed.

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