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The Future of Business Aviation w/Scott Ashton

The future of business aviation is changing as companies recognize the benefits of using corporate shuttles and private jets. What will be the impact of smaller companies in the aerospace industry? Why do many companies use private jets as part of their branding tactics? And why will technology never replace face-to-face business meetings? In this episode, Scott Ashton shares on the future of business aviation.

Aviation is an entrepreneurial enterprise led by entrepreneurs. -Scott Ashton

Takeaways + Tactics

  • While the goal is to lower the prices for business aviation, this is impossible at the moment, as the wages of pilots and other costs are on the rise.
  • Many corporations are now looking into corporate shuttles to save time when sending their people over to engage with clients. In just a matter of hours, a corporate shuttle can fly back and forth, and this can’t be done by airlines. 
  • Video conferences, email interactions, and phone conversations don’t build the same amount of trust as a face-to-face meetings do.

At the beginning of the episode, we talked about the costs of business aviation and how corporations and smaller businesses save time by using corporate shuttles.

We also covered:

  • The competitive advantage of smaller businesses in the aerospace industry
  • Why a revival of the aerospace industry is only possible if we attract more young people to it
  • How working for a small business is more rewarding

Many businesses use private jets as a branding tactic. Mid-level executives, engineers, and salespeople use private jets when meeting with clients, not necessarily because they need to but because it’s a branding and authority move. For many businesses, investing in a private jet is a business need when negotiating with clients.

Guest bio

Scott Ashton is the President on the board of directors at New England Air Museum, President and CEO at Corporate Service Supply and Manufacturing and a board member of EvoLux Transportation.

He has a diverse background that includes knowledge of finance, marketing, sales, finance modeling, mission analysis, and strategic planning. Scott is also an NBAA certified aviation manager and a certified flight instructor.

You can find out more about Scott here