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The Future Is Now! Roei Ganzarski On Electric Aircraft And What’s In Store for Aerospace

The future of aviation may very well be electric and the industry is gearing up to equip itself for that fact. Is there anything in particular holding us back from an electric reality in our more immediate future? 

In this episode, CEO of MagniX, Roei Ganzarski discusses the massive changes our industry is about to see. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The one place aviation is lagging behind most other industries: On-demand has become a staple in the vast majority of industries. What’s stopping aviation from following suit?  
  • Why aviation companies are set to experience challenges with hiring: How will a bigger dependence on software impact staffing in our industry?
  • How to educate the future leaders of aerospace: What does incoming talent need to know before coming into aerospace, and how is our existing education system putting them at a disadvantage?