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The Electronic Sucker

Yep! You’re being tracked, and you’ve known it for years. Somewhere, somehow, someone is watching every time you use your:

  • Mobile phone
  • Credit card
  • Costco card
  • Supermarket shopper card
  • Google, Internet or Apps accounts
  • Airline frequent flyer number
  • Uber
  • Etc.

Indeed, it is scary!!

Unfortunately, we all signed up for it. We wanted the society where everything is made easier, and we’re getting it. But easy comes at a cost and with a certain degree of anarchy. It’s the price we pay for the convenience that comes in the internet age.

I love not having to carry cash! I never do. 

The downside of not carrying cash is that Visa knows my penchant for Pabst Blue Ribbon, and the supermarket knows I buy it at midnight, when they always have a cold six pack available at a discount! 

I’m also a boots and jeans guy (no suits!). I get targeted ads from denim and footwear companies all the time. They’re usually small businesses and sometimes I buy. Pabst, jeans and boots… hey, that’s my thing.

For all your buddies on Facebook who post their political agendas? There is a reason all the fake news comes to them first – THEY’RE SUCKERS! And, they ruin your day by forwarding you fake pictures of fake squirrels drowning in Ethopia, because it is just WRONG to drown squirrels in Ethiopia!

I got really scared a few years back when a friend texted me from out of the blue “I see you’re listening to Radiohead…” YIKES! I love loud music, but I HATE Radiohead!! I looked up and remembered I had Spotify up on my computer. Uh huh! It was Radiohead. 

If there was ever a time to be skeptical, it is now; the Golden Age of over-information.  

The only answer is due diligence on everything you read, post, download and connect with because, YES, people are watching and they know PT Barnum was correct – there’s a sucker born every minute. 

Shocking… there are hackers, and Russians and Rachael Maddows who either want to steal your info or influence your decisions. 

Best idea of them all? Put down Facebook and Instagram and phone. My kids like me better when the iPhone is iOFF. Books are free at the library, too. I just picked up John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden,” which is a phenomenal classic about good and evil. 

On the flip side, I also downloaded Jeff Haden’s “The Motivation Myth” to my Kindle. But, he already knows that…Amazon was watching, and told him. FYI, it’s a good read! 

Welcome to the new normal. It’s what we get every time we say “look at what technology can do…”

You want privacy? Too late… it swiped left a long time ago.