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The Democratization of Business Aviation w/Alasdair Whyte

With the growth of global business, airlines are struggling to keep up with the demand of travelers. What does this mean for business aviation as an industry? Are we on the verge of a Golden Age for aviation? What makes this industry so unique? On this episode, I talk to the co-owner and founder of Corporate Jet Investor, Alasdair Whyte, who shares the future for the business aviation industry.

“We’re about to see a Golden Age of business aviation.” -Alasdair Whyte

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Business Aviation is a small community.  OEMs rely on good brokers. Brokers rely on good operators. OEMs, Brokers and Operators get leads from financiers or lawyers and other channels.
  • When 1,000 random Americans were surveyed, 25% said they’ll fly in a business jet in the next 10 years.
  • The US is a great place to own a jet because fuel is cheap, and it’s easy to take-off, land, & park. Permits are obtainable, and there are many private airports. This is not the case throughout the world.

Alasdair talked about how he got started and the advantages of growing a business in a lean economy. Next, we talked about why business aviation is such a unique industry and what is going to create more demand for it.

We also discussed:

– Why Alasdair thinks business aviation is on the verge of a Golden Age

– The average age of owners in the business aviation space

– Different players and countries in the global market

The cost of business aviation is coming down, and more people are going to adopt it. Airlines are going to struggle to fulfill the needs of a growing global business community, and this is where business aviation steps in. The US has proven to be THE best places to own a jet from a business standpoint– and that’s why it’s booming.