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The Balance of Power is Shifting: Are You Doing Enough to Stand Out in the Eyes of the Top Talent in Our Industry?

“if you come into negotiations from a power position, you will win every time.”

The skilled American worker has the resourcefulness to create better opportunities for themselves, so they’re not going to tolerate being treated poorly, even if they’re employed by a mega industry player. 

What will it take for business owners to stand out to recruits at a time when the balance of power is rapidly shifting in favor of employees? What can we do to not only attract, but retain their interest, so they’re less likely to look elsewhere?

In this episode, we’re discussing how to become (and stay!) the top choice for top talent.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The key to keeping our teams enthusiastic: It’s one thing to recruit talent, but how do we keep them interested and invested
  • How to build high-performing teams on a budget: Realistically, top talent are not likely to accept below-market compensation, so what does that mean for companies with smaller budgets? Is there a way to onboard talent without forking out a ton of cash?
  • One thing to be mindful of when recruiting: If we’re continually going outside our organizations to find talent, rather than developing skills internally, what message are we sending to our employees?