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The Aviation Reset

The aviation business is currently coming off the biggest reset the industry has seen since World War II, and while that brings a host of challenges, it also comes with fantastic opportunities. The sky’s the limit, and we’re living in exciting times. 

What should we expect to see in the near and further-off future in our business? Are we likely to see a bigger move towards eVTOL in the next few years? What are the innovations we’re most likely to see implemented? 

As we get back into the swing of things after the challenges posed by COVID-19, how can we set ourselves apart from our competitors? 

In this episode, Business Editor at Aviation Week, Michael Bruno shares his thoughts on the future of our industry. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why an eVTOL revolution might NOT be imminent: Helicopters have given us the capability to navigate smaller spaces for years, but for the average person, the concept hasn’t completely taken off. Urban mobility is an exciting idea, but it’s unlikely to become the next big thing (at least soon). 
  • How increased space travel will impact aviation: At the moment, there are so few spaceports that they’re not affecting aviation as we know it, but as more people look to explore the next frontier, that’s something we’ll need to think about. From increased traffic to physical obstructions like spaceports, space exploration will require a new way of thinking. 
  • How to combat competition moving forward: With competition comes hostility, but it also makes for better competitors. Instead of finding ways to disqualify other big players, it’s up to aviation leaders to up their investments and fine-tune their innovation.

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