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Thank You For the Shoes

My first job after the Navy was given to me because a billionaire invested into nearly bankrupt Gulfstream Aircraft. I’m always grateful for Ted Forstmann! After Gulfstream I spent many years selling airplanes and very expensive real estate to very wealthy people, and those sales created jobs for the people who build airplanes and houses.

Today, Jeff Bezos has funded Blue Origin, a privately funded space company. Elon Musk started SpaceX. Larry Page has invested into Cora, a company focused on EVTOL aircraft. Richard Branson has Virgin Galactic. Each of these billionaires continues to invest in people, technology, and innovation… and they create THOUSANDS of jobs.

To the wealthy folks I had the pleasure of working with and for, thank you for the shoes. For years it was your investments that put them on my kids’ feet.

I read Mr. Cooperman’s open letter twice. He is 100% correct in his assessment.