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Start Up, Up and Away! Jet It CEO Glenn Gonzales Shares How to Build a Successful Aviation Startup

Business aviation is on the up and up, and opportunities abound. But what is the likelihood of success for new businesses? 

How can aviation startups get a real shot at the big leagues? Do young businesses actually have an advantage over bigger, more established organizations? 

In this episode, co-founder and CEO of Jet It, Glenn Gonzales shares why the sky is the limit for his burgeoning business.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to make the jump from employee to business owner: Running a business is an entirely different experience from working in one. How does an executive make the transition from employee to entrepreneur?
  • How to on-board top talent: How can we convince the right people to join our teams when we’re entirely new to the space?
  • Where to turn for support: Entrepreneurship can be a lonely experience. Who should we reach out to when the going gets tough?