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Small Business, We Have Takeoff!

Innovation, working in small, nimble teams, and driving a culture is what helps small companies compete. Perhaps it’s just the lack of boundaries.  

Airborne ECS is just one example of a small but mighty business making big waves in the industry. The question is, how have they done it?

How can small businesses keep pushing the needle on new ideas, and are they ever at an advantage over their bigger, more established peers?

In this episode, CEO of Airborne ECS, Brian McCann shares how smaller companies can achieve astronomical results.

Three Things We Learned from This Episode

  • The advantage smaller companies have over their bigger counterparts: While big companies have more resources, their lead times are often much longer because of all the processes they need to go through. Eliminating boundaries produces big results.
  • How working remotely can help small companies secure top talent: Engineers are in high demand. Instead of expecting them to relocate or check in every day, give them the option to work from a place that suits them. If allowed to do so, they will do everything needed to meet the mission
  • How to foster great company culture in a newer, smaller, and remote workplace: Smaller companies make it easier for leadership to stay dialed in with the team. Take the time to connect with every person in the organization, even via phone conversations, to build stronger, more genuine relationships.