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Rebuilding After the Storm

COVID-19 dealt a devastating blow to the airline and aircraft leasing industries, but the cracks were already there pre-pandemic. The pandemic merely sped up the inevitable. How do we rebuild?

Do we play it safe until the storm passes over or do we try new things in a frozen aircraft market?

Industry expert and Partner at Split Rock Aviation, Andy Mansell shares how the industry should use this time to plan for the future.

3 Things We Learned

How to plan more realistically

Develop a playbook that factors in bad news and the impact it will have on pricing. It is easier to deal with a crisis when it is planned for it in advance.  

How lessors can make the most of the post-COVID industry

The market is cyclical and business challenges are inevitable. The best way for lessors to stay profitable is by aggressively investing immediately after a correction and exiting before the next one begins. 

Why owning every aspect of the production process puts us in danger 

Operating without partners may seem like an attractive idea because doing so means we keep all our profits. However, while having partners means we’re sharing profits, it also means we’re sharing the burden of losses.