Over the last few years, what people expect from an employer-employee relationship has shifted significantly, and leaders have to keep up.

The days of the traditional clock-in-clock-out, 9-5 job are over. People want real meaning, equity and trust out their companies.

How do we progress towards happier workplaces? What are the employees of today seeking from their leaders, and how do so many companies get it wrong?

In this episode, solopreneur, strategy consultant, speaker, trainer and author of “The Lovable Leader”, Jeff Gibbard joins me for a great conversation on becoming a leader people will happily follow.


Leaders underestimate how simple it is to make progress toward better. To move towards environments where more people are happy requires small shifts. -Jeff Gibbard


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Why trust is key to a great employer-employee relationship
Why does micromanaging say a lot more about the leader than it does the employee?

How to deal with activist employees
What's at the root of the employer vs. employee friction we see in so many organizations?

Why a leader’s first month is mission-critical to their success in the role
If the first month of leading a team is rough does that mean it’s the wrong fit?