Whether it’s a huge corporation, a small company or a news station, taking a struggling business from dead last to dominant is a unique, yet thrilling challenge for the right person.


When you’re brought in as the fix-it specialist, a lot needs to be done, from driving culture change to motivating your people. What are the most critical pieces of a successful turnaround? In this episode, I’m joined by former TV News Director,  manager and author of political thriller novel, “Fake News”, Troy Wilson. We talk about his recipe for turnarounds and how to set an organization up for success.


As a turnaround artist, you need to have the courage to come in, confront the brutal facts and develop a strategy to put the television station back on the map. -Troy Wilson


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


What it takes to shift a negative company culture
How do you change a culture where people feel demotivated and defeated?

The unique advantage of being a smaller ‘training ground’ type company
If your organization is the springboard for talent to go elsewhere, how do you deal with their tenure being really short?

The path to becoming a giant
In order to become number 1, we first have to be the next best thing. How do we position our organizations as a worthy alternative?