Every business wants to onboard top talent, but are we actively positioning our organizations as the type of place people want to work, or are we letting that crucial element slip through the cracks?


For most businesses, the latter is true. The reality is, we don’t do enough to entice talented would-be recruits, and in today’s world, where salary alone just isn’t enough to impress, not being clear on what sets us apart from our competitors will only put us on the back pedal.


So, how can we get more intentional about creating a brand identity that resonates with our ideal employees?


In this episode, Founder and CEO of Ph.Creative, Bryan Adams shares how to build the kind of company the workforce is lining up to join.


"As an employer, you have to know exactly who you are and what you’re looking for."-Bryan Adams

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


The factors most likely to attract top performers
What are our ideal recruits looking for in a new position, and how can we be the ones to give it to them?


Why our interview process is more crucial than we think
Could an ineffective interview system actually cost us business, as well as the potential to onboard top recruits?


How to continually attract the A-players
What can we do to entice top talent both now and in the long term?