Stories about the collapse of banks rightfully spook investors in a variety of industries, but things aren’t quite as dire as they are made out to be. Collapses make for great news stories, but if we really look at what’s happening in the aerospace and defense market, there’s no real cause for media panic.


Why is A&D in what my guest calls “A Goldilocks Place” right now? How do we separate media-fueled panic from what’s actually happening?


In this episode, aerospace and defense M&A banker and Founder and President of Alderman & Company, Bill Alderman returns to share how the “credit scare” is affecting A&D.


People are going to use the news any way they can to get a better deal. -Craig Picken



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- Why aerospace and defense are in a really great place right now

It’s very rare for both A & D to be having a good run. Why are they thriving?


- How aerospace and defense have been affected by the “capital scare”

With inflation and everything else going on, is this a great time to sell your aerospace and defense business?


- Strategic buyers are keeping the market honest

Are financial buyers taking advantage of the situation to try and get a better deal?