Satellites have been around for decades, but thanks to the new affordability of low earth orbit, they're finally more attainable, so it's no surprise that the market is on fire right now.                


The question is, what are all those satellites being used for?                


What opportunities do satellites afford us today, and what can we expect the satellite business to look like in a few years' time?                


In this episode, co-founder of Terran Orbital, Marc Bell shares what he's most excited about in the satellite space.                

"If an iPhone has more computing power than a space shuttle, why is anyone still building a shuttle the size of a school bus?" -Marc Bell                


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode                


The truth about space being crowded                   
Is space really at risk of overcrowding, or can the growing traffic be managed effectively?                

How satellite manufacturers hire                   
How are satellite manufacturers identifying the best and brightest minds in the business? What does it take to stand out to these organizations?                

How satellites will be taken into the future                   
With technology moving at such a rapid rate, it's not uncommon for once cutting-edge innovation to become obsolete in a matter of years. How will the satellite business continue to adapt with the times?