In nature, the rule of balance reigns supreme - things will always return to an equilibrium, no matter what. In finance, reverting to the mean is a certainty, a swinging pendulum will always return to center.


The employment market is no different - right now everything is irrational, and it’s driving everything from jet pricing to salaries, but eventually the music will stop.


The challenge is keeping your business stable while things rebalance and still being able to play the game at a really high level on handicap mode.


How do you retain the best people when you can’t afford the crazy salaries being driven by this market? In this episode, we talk about the challenges in today’s job market and how to deal with them.


This labor shortage isn’t temporary - it’s structural, it’s demographic and it isn’t going away. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The truth every company must grapple with 
Are your expectations realistic for the long-term or are you just making decisions on the sugar high of an irrational market?

Why the pressures on the job market persist 
Will the employment market ever return to the normal we knew before, or will it readjust to a whole new normal?

How to eliminate barriers to success on your team 
If it’s hard to find talent, how do you make your existing talent more productive?