When it comes to investing in recruiting A+ talent, most companies talk a big game,  but just don’t do enough to really appeal to those heavy hitters in the job market. Where are they going wrong?

From unexciting job listings to an unwillingness to pay for the best, we’re seeing employers make various mistakes, and as a result, their recruiting efforts keep falling flat.

This is the craziest job market we’ve ever seen, and the best people won’t even consider you as an employer unless you’re doing something really different.

What does it take to become the organization the best people want to work for? In the latest episode in the Million Dollar Career Series, Robert Houghton and I discuss how companies can get the talent they need to scale their business.

"Companies don’t understand that the people they’re recruiting don’t want jobs, they want careers." -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Why money isn’t enough to attract the best talent
What valuable recruiting lessons can we learn from the Navy and Army?

The kinds of companies people want to work for
Why are so many major organizations suffering brain drain and losing their best people?

How to hook in the right candidate
Heavy hitters aren’t actively looking for jobs, they are passive candidates who are relatively happy where they are, so how do we appeal to them?