Most organizations don’t put enough time into the culture and mindset that makes them a great place to work and they miss out on talent because of it.


It’s one thing to post a job and wait for applicants to start rolling in. It’s another thing to proactively make your company a destination - a place people would beat down doors to join.


Maybe it’s HR laziness or an inability to determine your company’s true value proposition, but ultimately, if you’re not thinking about what your company brings to the marketplace, you’re in trouble.


In this edition of Million Dollar Careers, we explore how to make your company stand above the rest when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.


If you’re really good and you can take a company, P&L or territory to new heights, you take the base salary for you to live on and then you work for the upside which you can thrive on. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-How to establish your company as an elite workplace
What would make someone want to relocate and move to your company?


-How to make joining your company a no-brainer
If salary isn’t enough to compel the best people to join your company, what are they looking for?


-What special force operations teach us about attraction and retention
A lot of military operations aren’t lacking in ambitious people eager to join, what’s their secret?