In today’s fast-paced world of algorithms and shiny objects, people overcomplicate career and business success, but just like in fitness, committing to a few simple actions is what drives results.

The simpler we make things, the better we get at our jobs, and the faster we get to our goals.

How do we simplify what we’re doing, and cut out the unnecessary complexity? In this episode, Robert Houghton and I share why simple things make a huge difference.


"The 3 things a salesperson needs to focus on who their customer is, how to stay in touch with them and how to provide value." -Craig Picken

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


The benefits of cutting out the complexity
Why does simplicity make our metrics and insights more actionable?

How to uncover what pushes the needle in our careers
What can the military and law enforcement teach us about taking action in our careers?

How successful people present themselves to the world
How do we dress for success without overcomplicating things?