Most resumes, even the ones with the most impressive accomplishments, are nothing more than a list of boring bullet points. If you’re trying to get a great job with a profile that’s devoid of personality and storytelling, it’s going to be really hard to stand out.

Everyone has an incredible story to tell about their lives and careers, the more we tell them, the more people want to bring us into their worlds.

In this episode of the Million Dollar Careers series, Robert Houghton and I talk about what the history of America teaches us about storytelling.


When you’re doing a resume, you’re telling your story and the story has to be informative, inspiring and it has to be entertaining. If it’s just a bunch of bullet points, no one will read it. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Why we have to create career vignettes
How do you transform an accomplishment on your resume into a mini story?


How to balance humility with pride
Can we talk about our proudest accomplishments without coming off braggy and arrogant?


A storytelling lesson from Bill Gates
How did the founder of Microsoft use mosquitoes to tell a memorable story?