Many people talk about wanting to be leaders, but the truth is, most of us aren’t doing what it takes to become leaders.      


Leadership is about more than money, status, or power. Those may be perks of the job, but effective leadership is dependent on having uncomfortable conversations, making tough decisions, and taking radical ownership of everything that happens in our businesses.      


How can we make the necessary mindset shift into that of a leader, so attributes like accountability become second nature to us? Is it even possible to learn to be a leader, or is it a trait we need to be born with?      


In this episode, President of MR Fairfax, Robert Houghton and I discuss what it really means to be a leader.      


"Leadership is not always doing the fun or nice thing, it’s doing what’s right for the business." -Robert Houghton      


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode      


How to attain freedom as a leader          
Most of us can relate to being fearful of doing or saying the right thing, for fear of the consequences. How can we get to the point where those consequences no longer hold us back, so we can focus on moving forward?      

The key difference between managers and leaders          
Many people have the ability to manage; how many have the skills to actually lead?      

How to start taking radical responsibility         
What are we doing to avoid taking radical ownership today, and what can we do to change that?