Too many people find themselves stressed and burnt out - not because their lives are too busy, but because they’re piling on way more BS on their plates than they need to.

Our lives would be way easier if we followed this simple golden rule: if it’s not a hell yeah, it’s a no. Whether it’s jobs, business opportunities or even social commitments, we need to value our time by saying no to what doesn’t serve us.

How do we escape the trap of overcommitting? When we actually do want to say no, what’s the best way to say it?

In this episode, executive recruiter and the President of MR Fairfax, Robert Houghton returns for our Million Dollar Career Series, and today we talk about valuing our time by getting used to the word no.


"If you want to say no to something, tell them why it’s a no straight up. It has to be one reason, not two, three or four." -Robert Houghton


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Why so many give their power away by overcommitting
When it comes to valuing our time, what can we learn from Warren Buffett’s approach?

The importance of valuing your time
How do we avoid being someone’s patsy and getting taken advantage of by overcommitting?

The root of burnout and frustration
How does overcommitting impact the way we show up in different areas of our lives?