Everybody wants to onboard superstars, but just how many business owners are doing what it takes to recruit and retain them?


The truth is, not nearly enough of us are. We all speak about wanting our businesses to grow to new heights, but when it comes to taking on the kind of talent that will help us get there, we fail to jump at the opportunity.


Why is it that so few of us are willing to take a chance on superstars in the making? How can we get better at spotting that special something so we never have to pass up on the chance again?


In this episode, executive recruiter and President of MR Fairfax, Robert Houghton and I discuss how to spot, hire and retain superstar talent.


"If you want a Million Dollar business, get people who think like a Million Dollar Business!" -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Why recruiting superstars is a completely different animal
What’s stopping more leaders from taking on a more hands-on approach to the hiring process, especially when it comes to game-changing talent?


Why superstars need to be defined differently
Just how accurate is a checklist and expectation of experience when it comes to pinpointing the kind of recruits who could totally transform our businesses?


The key to retaining top talent
The thing with superstars is, if we want them, so do our competitors. How can we make it worth their while to choose us over everyone else?