Everyone wants to have a million dollar career, but when it comes down to thinking of how we’ll get there, things tend to get foggy.

The only way to reach our goals is by getting practical and tactical. We can’t expect to see big results if we’re not actively planning how to attain them.

How do we start planning accordingly? Is there a foolproof formula that takes our goals from dream to reality?

In this episode, Robert Houghton and I explain why the key lies in working backwards.


"Unless you have the end in mind, you don’t know how to get there, or have the motivation to get there." -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Why planning for success is simpler than we think
Does plotting out our next moves require extensive mathematical calculations, or are we overcomplicating things?

The importance of having an executive coach
Doing it on our own is certainly cheaper in the short term…but will it get us results?

Why we need to be intentional with our inner circles
Can we really expect to build something incredible if we’re constantly surrounded by under-achievers?