If there’s one thing that could characterize our present moment, it’s a general sense of unhappiness. People just aren’t content in their jobs anymore, and as a result, they’re quitting en masse. Thus, The Great Resignation.

What’s behind this general discontent and what can we do about it?

Is there a simple solution or do we need to dig deeper to reach the roots of the issue?

In this episode, MR Fairfax’s Robert Houghton and I are diving deep into The Great Resignation and what it means for your business.


It’s less expensive and more beneficial to pay a great employee a little more than you want than it is to have them quit and need to replace them. -Craig Picken


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


The true extent of The Great Resignation
How many people are really leaving their jobs, or dropping out of the workforce altogether, and why are they doing it?

1 thing employees want more
Are we doing enough to ensure our employees are actually happy in our organizations?

How to retain top talent against the backdrop of The Great Resignation
What will it take to retain the top players on our teams?