Over the last few years, the business of aviation has been impacted by so many powerful forces, it feels a lot like a rubber band that stretched too far. The question is:  will that rubber band ever retract back to what it was before, or is this just the new normal?


From inflation and the pilot shortage, to new buyers and changing pricing models, the industry has had to absorb a lot. Even though it just managed to bear the brunt of it, things may never be the same.


In this episode, I’m joined by CEO of Mente Group and Four Corners Aviation, Brian Proctor. He shares his thoughts on the industry today, and how the new normal is impacting everything that touches it.


Aircraft priceability is much less stable than ever before. That will begin to impact how owners think about the asset, but also lenders and insurance companies will begin to rethink how they go about valuing the airplane. -Brian Proctor


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- Scrappy from the start

Starting a company in a down market doesn’t sound ideal, but can it serve you well in the long-run?


- How Mente Group migrates to where value is in the marketplace

How can companies keep up with the ever-increasing complexities of buying and selling aircraft?


-Where the current aircraft pricing model falls short

Is it high time we changed how we price aircraft to reflect the reality of the market?