One of the fastest ways to tank a career with a lot of potential is to be the guy or gal known for gossiping, whining and loudly airing discontent. It drags down the morale of the whole office and you become a cancer the company desperately wants to cut out.

Instead of being the resident naysayer on the team, how do we show up ready to pull our weight and get the job done with minimal grumbling?

In this episode, Robert Houghton returns for our Million Dollar Careers series. Today, we talk about the danger of being the negative person in the office.


"If you take someone who is gossiping, whining and complaining - the opposite is someone who makes a mistake and extremely owns what they do, they are accountable. Those are the leaders a company needs." -Robert Houghton


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


The other side of gossiping and complaining
What can we learn from a gas station attendant’s act of extreme ownership?

What rudderless companies have in common
If a company is failing to weed out the gossipers and complainers, what does it say about the organization?

How to increase your chance of promotion
Could refusing to show up to the office be keeping you from the promotion you want?