Every business leader wants to have an abundance of A-Players but what happens when the “rainmakers” have trouble working with the rest of the team?


A disconnect between employees often causes havoc in our businesses and once disruption starts it may be hard to contain.  


The question is, however, how do we even begin to find  the solution? Is retaining a rainmaking disruptor really worth losing the other dedicated employees?


In this episode, Matt Johnson and I share how to deal with employee conflict.


A-players will not tolerate mediocrity being tolerated, so if you’re in charge of how the team is structured, get rid of the C-players. -Matt Johnson


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Questions to ask when faced with a disconnected team
What are the questions we need to ask when disruption occurs?


Who to keep on our teams (and who to let go)
Is there a ‘right’ way to reshuffle our teams, and who stays? Who goes?


How to tell when an A-player is more trouble than good
Is the cost of a star employee worth the benefit?