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Pack Your Trash, and GO!

Over the weekend Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State and the talk for NCAA football fans is who Oklahoma will play in the Championship Game.  The bigger story happened off the field. 

Baker Mayfield, the Sooners quarterback, was a walk-on at Texas Tech in 2013.  Coming out of high school in Austin, TX he wasn’t considered big enough or good enough to earn a football scholarship at any Division I college.

Enticed by a former high school teammate, he enrolled at Texas Tech and tried out for the football team, where he became the second string QB.  A few games later he became the starter after the first stringer went down with an injury.

He did well with the opportunity.  Very well, in fact.  Before succumbing to injuries himself, Baker started 6 or 7 games and did will enough to be named 2013 Big 12 Freshman Offensive Player of the Year.

And then things got weird…  

Citing  only a “miscommunication” with the Texas Tech coaching staff (they wouldn’t put him on scholarship for 2014), he quit the team a week before they were to play in a prominent bowl game, and enrolled at the University of Oklahoma for the spring semester.

The OU coaches told him, “C’Mon over.  But we don’t have a scholarship for you.  And, you’ll probably never play for us either…  And, just in case you still want to come over, unless Texas Tech gives you a release, you will have to sit out the 2014 season…”  (they didn’t, and he did)

In summary, from the time he left high school in May of 2013 until the spring of 2014 Mayfield was told:

You’re not good enough

Okay, you’re pretty good. We’ll let you play…

Wow, you really are good.

Yeah, you did well, kid. But it’s still our decision and you can play…  but by our terms

Wow… you’re leaving?  We know we didn’t show you the love…  but we don’t want you to get it at OU, either… 

Pack your trash and go

Don’t forget your non-compete

We’ll see…

In August of 2015 – after sitting out 2014 – Mayfield was named OU’s starting quarterback.  At the end of the season he may also be named “Heisman Trophy winner.”  He is THAT good!

And here is why I really love the story.  Baker was a big-time OU football fan as a kid and he always had a dream of playing there, too.  He is now living out that dream. 

So what does this have to do with anything?

Perhaps you are stuck in your career, unable to break out in the current environment.  Perhaps you were due for a promotion that went to Joe across the hall, instead.  Perhaps your job just evaporated – fired, laid-off, company sold, sideways with the board, didn’t get along with the boss… 

Congratulations!  You’ve just been given your opportunity to follow-your dreams…  It’s now time to pack your trash and go!

 Baker Mayfield and countless others have proven throughout the years that when doors are closed, others are opened.  But, it is your job to find those doors… and then have the courage to walk through them. 

Nobody says the journey will be easy; it may very well suck, indeed.  But, like they say, if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it… 

Most don’t.

Packing your trash and finding new doors isn’t all about finding a new job.  But, it IS about challenging yourself and seeking new heights, versus settling for the status quo. And it IS about striving for and achieving the goals you set for yourself, versus accepting the limitations others put on you.     

There are about 30 days left in 2015.  Get a box… and start packing.