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Nearly 18 Months On From The Onset of COVID-19, What’s The REAL Value of Our Industry Today?

Pre-pandemic, the sky was blue and everything was rosy. Value was high, people were paying a ton for airframes, and aerospace was booming. Fast-forward to 2021, however, and the world as we knew it has changed. 

The question is, how has that impacted the value of airplanes as a whole? How will the legacy of travel restrictions continue to impact our industry both now and in the future?

In this episode, President of Universal Asset Management, Richard Spaulding shares his outlook on the state of our industry.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How the pandemic is impacting newer assets: New aircrafts are rolling off the assembly line, but where are they going? 
  • What parked planes mean for the market: What will being parked mean for the value of airplanes, once they are eventually monetized? 
  • What to expect once the world re-opens: International travel restrictions have had massive repercussions for our industry. Once those are inevitably lifted, where will the biggest opportunities lie?