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Move Forward or Die…

The favorite saying of Bed Bath and Beyond leadership… ”We’re not in a rush to make mistakes.”

Back in the day, it may have been a good theory. For the long-haul? Not so much.

Today, the stock is at 1997 levels (down 80% from all-time highs) and that same leadership has been crushed by the wrath of activist investors.

The moral?

Paralysis by analysis is a killer… Especially when your competition is Jeff Bezos!

Now, I appreciate a bit of conservatism and nobody I know is ever in a rush to make mistakes.

But EVERYONE needs to have a sense of urgency – in both your business and career. Progress is littered with mistakes. Nobody can predict the future perfectly!

Wondering what’s next for you?

Pick a direction, Take calculated risks, and make course adjustments along the way. It’s a helluva lot better than doing nothing!

That one is BS, too! Because if you’re just following or getting out of the way, you’re gonna get killed!

Oh… The other saying “Lead, follow or get out of the way?”