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Million Dollar Career Series: Investing In Yourself Will Take You to the C-Suite

The Aerospace Executive Podcast: Million Dollar Career Series: Investing In Yourself Will Take You All The Way To The C-Suite on Apple Podcasts

We’ve all heard about the importance of investing in our businesses, but when it comes to investing in ourselves, we often miss.

What is it about personal investment that feels so foreign? What do we miss when we fail to do so? 

More importantly, what do we stand to gain by investing in ourselves?

In this episode, executive recruiter and President of MR Fairfax, Robert Houghton and I discuss how to get started with self-investment. 

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to develop better interpersonal skills: Great people skills are non-negotiable for leaders, but how do we develop them? 
  • How to invest in ourselves without spending a fortune: Does self-investment have to be expensive, or are there ways of pouring into ourselves that won’t break the bank? 
  • Why an MBA isn’t always the way: Many of us assume an MBA is a great investment, but when is it really necessary, and when is it just an added cost? 
  • The importance of image: How many CEOs are walking around in bad suits and cheap shoes? Are we shooting ourselves in the foot, trying to save a buck on the things that really make a difference?