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Lessons From NFL Draft Day

The whole world is going mental at the moment, and that’s because we’re taking on too much at once. From getting the corner office at work, to homeschooling our kids during Covid, to getting the perfect body in the gym, we’re trying to do it all, and in the process, we’re not giving enough of ourselves to any of the tasks we take on.

The only way to reach our goals, both professionally and personally, is by prioritizing. What needs to be done now, and what can be looked at later?

Where do we draw the line between planning for the future and giving our best in the present? 

In this episode, I share why focus is the key to success, and the surprising NFL Draft Day lesson we can use in our businesses.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to stop sabotaging our chances of success: Trying to take on too many things at once will only overwhelm us. Don’t fall into the trap of being a jack of all trades and master of none: slow down and give each task the amount of energy it deserves.
  • Why we need to focus on the here and now: It’s always tempting to look to the future, but that shouldn’t be our main focus. Success begets success, so instead of agonizing over the next step, years into the future, we should be putting all our energy into performing our current roles to the best of our abilities. 
  • The quickest way to bomb an interview: We may think we’re coming across as helpful and eager by saying yes to other opportunities in an interview, but we’re actually showing the interviewer we lack focus. Stay in tune with the original position offered and don’t get distracted.