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Leadership, Attracting Experts, and High Employee Engagement w/Krister Ungerboeck

Good leaders teach others how to become leaders themselves. As we grow our team, why is it important to stop giving answers and start helping others find solutions on their own? How can we attract experts to our company? Why should we strive to become better communicators? In this episode, Krister Ungerboeck talks about the most common leadership mistakes and what we can do to lead others to success.

Managers can be managed, but executives can only be led. -Krister Ungerboeck

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Takeaways + Tactics

  • There is a big difference between leading small teams and larger ones.
  • Good leaders teach others to ask the right questions… and find their own conclusions.
  • The biggest enemy of entrepreneurs is ego. It’s okay to hire smarter.
  • Empathy and high emotional intelligence are crucial qualities that good leaders develop.

At the beginning of the episode, we talked about how small teams are managed differently than big teams. Next, we talked about why it’s important to accept the fact that there are people who are better than us and more qualified to hold certain positions in our company.

We also covered:

  • Why a big monetary compensation isn’t enough and what else we can offer to high achievers
  • Why being a lone wolf in the world of entrepreneurship can cost you a lot of learning opportunities
  • How we can learn to communicate better with our team and the role empathy plays in doing so


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We can’t become better leaders and grow our business if we don’t learn to communicate more effectively. A crucial element in emotional intelligence is having empathy— the ability to put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes even when we have nothing in common. Setting aside time for empathy exercises is crucial for leaders like us, as we have to connect, communicate and lead people on a daily basis.

Guest Bio

Krister Ungerboeck, The Leadership Archeologist, is a global leadership expert, award-winning CEO, coach, speaker and author. As the world’s first Leadership Archaeologist, Krister is a seeker of secrets. He’s a perspective-changing explorer who ventures beyond the edge of the comfort zone of most leaders and brings back tales of what he’s learned. He experiments with unique, sometimes outlandish approaches to building leadership skills in order to save leaders the time, money, and (possibly) embarrassment of experimenting on themselves. Go to https://krister.com/aerospace for a free Leadership Assessment and more!