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Just Raw Talent? Not Even Close!

The Super Bowl is won and the talking heads on ESPN will focus on his speed, arm and athleticism.  But those traits only go so far!

Seven things we can learn from Patrick Mahomes success as a premier athlete.

Strong Family: Despite having divorced when he was young his parents stayed close friends and provided a constant, positive influence in his life. Regarding his younger siblings, Mahomes is very active in their lives also.   He both guides and continues to be guided.

Do not underestimate the importance of family.

Strong Partner:  He has a strong, positive, 8-year long relationship with his high school sweetheart who is also his biggest fan.  He supports her career in equal fashion to her support of his.

A supportive spouse / partner is a huge asset.

Great mentors:  His dad, a professional baseball player, gave him to access to the clubhouse, dugout, teams and field and coaches claim that access gave him a maturity well beyond his 24 years.  It’s amazing what is learned by hanging out with, and learning from, from high performing people.

Find and network with the right people.

Lust for Learning

Mahomes will sit for hours with coaches to watch game films and make mental notes. He’s always learning.  He’s in a very good club…. Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates all claim their key to success is an insatiable desire to learn.

Learning never stops.

He’s Coachable:  The lust to learn turns into coach-ability.   Good coaches like to work with motivated students who will listen.

Motivated students learn quickly.

Humble, Gracious, Appreciative:  He speaks not of his success but that of the people around him.  Yes, he’s a great Quarterback.  But he’s surrounded by great players and coaches, too.

Be humble and appreciative of those who support you.

Invested:  He’s fully invested in both the community and organization that are now investing in him.  The youngster from Whitehouse, TX is now a full time KC resident.

Being THERE is more important than you think.

No, very few of us have incredible, God given athletic talents. Very few of us had the privilege of hanging out with the New York Mets as kids, either.

But we can show up, pick good friends, grow stronger relationships, find great mentors and become great students who are coachable and invested. 

We can also strive to be great parents, mentors and teachers, too. 

And, when we do find success, we can learn to be humble and thank those who helped us get there.