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It’s Grit that Gets Us Through Tough Times

What makes a Navy SEAL a Navy Seal? Why did 25% of my Officer Candidate School classmates quit training in the first week? Why does your top sales exec produce exponentially better results than your bottom one?

It can be summed up in one word – GRIT! Those who talk about the dream and those who actually accomplish it.

People with grit have the determination to get things done, no matter the circumstance. They don’t quit. 

The economy is now challenged and many businesses are fighting for survival. How will grit get us through to the other side?

3 Things We Learned

  • If you don’t feel like you’re in the right job, then start preparing and networking now. It’s time to position ourselves for the mass restructuring that will be coming in the next 24 months.   
  • The downside of a great economy is that it hid a lot of bad behavior. Now is the time to be evaluating everything and everyone in your business. Are you getting what you need to be successful?  
  • Challenging times create great opportunities. It’s a great time for reinvention so start planning for a new venture or direction.