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It Doesn’t Get Better with Age!

Twenty years ago, I was having cocktails with a well known Wall St. exec who was also a Heisman Trophy winner, Rhodes Scholar, retired Army General and, at the time, Vice-Chairman of Citigroup’s Private Bank.

His son and I were both co-workers and good friends.

During the chat he said something very simple that I still find powerful…

“Bad news doesn’t get better with age”

Nope! It doesn’t.

And then he continued with “big boys and girls have big boy and girl conversations.”

Which got me to thinking… Maybe that was why he found so much success during his career. Because he wasn’t afraid to have a conversation that could either fix a problem or cut it loose.

Got bad news?

Get it out, all at once – now.

Need to have a difficult business conversation?

Then have it – now.

Angry? Then say so – now.

Hard discussions are part of life and business. Few enjoy having them, but they do.

The true professionals have them in person or over the phone.

They DO NOT email, text, tweet, Facebook, Instagram or use the “CC All” function.

Those tools are for the amateurs.