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I Met a Leader Last Weekend

What does a business leader look like?  It looks like Scott.

Last week I went to a peer conference, with 800 people in attendance.  Part of the agenda included a talented speaker and graffiti artist – Erik Wahl – who created some original canvas works in front of the crowd. 

One of these canvases was the Statue of Liberty, painted to the tunes of Cold Play with inspirational videos of military veterans returning home to their families playing on the big screen…

The paintings were fantastic, and at the end of the program each was auctioned off.  The Statue of Liberty was first up… and the bidding started.

$5,000 came and went, quickly; as did $6, 7, 8, and 9.  A minute or two later the bidding was at $11K and $12K…

And then a voice came from the crowd – “TWELVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED…!”  The bidding stopped, the gavel fell – “SOLD!”

$12,500 dollars!

The buyer was Scott, a small business owner with 20 employees, who calmly walked up, collected his purchase, and coolly spoke into the microphone…  “This is for my teammate, ‘Jill’… whose brother never came home.” and he handed the painting to her.

With just eleven words Scott proved showed his team:   

“I care about you. I care about your family “

“I am loyal to you”

“It’s not just about money”

“I am generous”

But it wasn’t just for Jill.  All of the proceeds of Scott’s purchase, and $110K more, went directly to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, a wonderful organization in itself.

Thank you, Scott.  I hope your fantastic message can resonate to a much bigger crowd.  And it’s obvious why your business is as successful as it is.