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How to Stay on Top of the Aerospace Industry as a Sales Executive w/Brant Dahlfors

There is no end to what you can learn about the airplanes you sell, the sales processes, and how to manage a team. But how do you keep reinventing yourself? What are the best sources of leads? How can you add more value to your clients? On this episode, Brant Dahlfors shares his approach to selling jets.

I do believe you have to reinvent yourself to stay relevant through your career.  -Brant Dahlfors

Takeaways + Tactics

  • The best way to sell is to develop a direct relationship with your prospects.
  • Refusing some deals is part of the business. So is bringing more value to your prospects via detailed information that is relevant to their interests
  • Pay attention to the new factors that affect your business. You can never know too much about sales processes, the tech of your competitors, and the technology of airplanes.
  • Word of mouth and recommendations are some of the best lead generation sources.

At the start of the show, we talked about how to broaden your horizon outside the local market, and the importance of developing a direct relationship with your prospects. We also discussed the value of word-of-mouth and personal recommendations, as well as the importance of keeping an eye on everything that affects your business.

We also covered:

  • The importance of being in touch with the latest technology advancements
  • How to improve the dynamics in your sales team
  • How to look more professional in the eyes of the client

Constantly reinventing yourself is a strong way to stay relevant in a competitive business. Make the tech work for you. It will keep your work fresh and interesting.