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Here Is What Matters

I watched 15 minutes of the Democratic debates last night. 

I laughed.

Ten people on stage beating the snot out of each other. 

It was unimpressive.

I’m yet to see a successful person or company, anywhere, who became successful by simply bashing the competition. 

Take note.

How screwed up the other guy or competition is DOES NOT MATTER! 

When the spotlight is on YOU the immediate focus is on YOU.

What does matter?

What are YOU or your product going to do, HOW will you (or it) benefit ME, and what are the RESULTS going to be?

It’s simple. 

A+ Players and companies can define themselves in a few short bullets:

  1. Here is what I (we) did / do
  2. Here is how well I (we) did / do it, backed by metrics and facts
  3. Here is how I (we) will benefit you

If you can effectively highlight these three things in a 30 second elevator pitch you will rule your world. 

And…  there will never be a need to even mention the other guy.