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Healthcare – Up In the Air

Travis Roderick, President of Air Ambulance Worldwide, made the difficult transition from running hospitals to running an aviation business. The transition has been even more complex as it was interrupted by a pandemic.

In this episode he describes his journey into Aviation, how the aeromedical industry has been negatively affected, and how it will positively transition into 2021. 

3 Things We Learned from Travis

  • Where the opportunities for change lie in the medical flight industry: Medical air service providers do a great job at providing care to those who need it, but there’s always room for improvement when lives are on the line. We have to keep pushing to create a safer experience for everyone involved. 
  • How the industry can continue to serve patients at the highest level: It’s one thing to connect patients with great clinicians, but when it comes to healthcare, we also have to show we care. Genuine empathy and compassion go a long way, and it’s up to us to ensure our customers feel safe. 
  • Why there’s always a market for medical flights: Travel may be restricted at the moment due to COVID-19, but people still need to be brought into healthcare facilities for heart attacks, strokes, and injuries. Someone needs to be on hand for them, and that makes the medical flight industry a necessity.