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From Innovation To Stagnation: Bill Alderman on the State of Our Industry Nearly 2 Years Since the Onset of COVID-19

Our industry has dealt with unbelievable challenges over the last 20 months, but in spite of that, we seem to be holding up relatively well.

The real question is, as we near the 2-year mark of the global onset of COVID-19, what will the long-term effects of these challenges be? What does the future look like for the little players, and how can they position themselves for not only survival, but success? 

In this episode, President of Alderman & Company, Bill Alderman returns to share his thoughts on the state of our industry today and his predictions for the future. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The economic impact we’re seeing on aviation: Many of us went into the pandemic anticipating seeing a lot of distressed selling, but that hasn’t really happened on a wide scale. Are people just being optimistic, or is there deeper reasoning behind that? 
  • What’s in store for industry veterans: Commercial aviation looks set to make its comeback in the next 18 months, but what does that mean for industry veterans planning to retire? 
  • 1 thing we need to realize about innovation: Is it realistic to expect to see new advancements in aviation in the immediate future?