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Force Majeure! The Evolving Legal Landscape in Times of Turmoil

It may be an act of God, but is force majeure a realistic path to go down?

Mark Ditto, Vedder Price Shareholder and Attorney, explains how stakeholders are responding to this and other pertinent legal issues in our current commercial aviation reality.

3 Things We Learned from Mark

Force Majeure: It may seem like a viable option now, but be sure to think about the future. It may help protect cash, but it could impact future relationships with service providers.

Rent Deferrals: Rent deferral requests continue to come fast and furious from operators and have taken on a variety of flavors.  These often need to be approved by lenders as well, and it can take a long time to get consent.

Relationships Matter: Lessors and banks have been relatively understanding of the toll this has taken on the airlines and the industry.  The ones that thrive will focus on maintaining good relationships.