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Don’t Judge A Company by Its Size

I was in the gym again this morning with headphones turned up. Black Keys, Royal Blood, White Stripes and Twenty-One Pilots all on the playlist. 

Each of these bands consist of just 2 players – one on the drums, one on the guitar. If one of them sucks neither can find greatness.

Compare that to the Boston Pops. Talented as he/she may be, does anyone really notice if the clarinet player in Row 3 is having a really good, or bad day? Would the audience really care if they weren’t there at all? 

GE, Boeing, Bank of America, Google, Lockheed Martin are all great companies who will give you a good job. But you’re probably like the clarinet player in Row 3 – a very talented player in a very large organization. How do you really stand out? 

If you’re seeking to find greatness in your next career move, then don’t be afraid to look at small companies who really need your help. You’ll be amazed at the opportunity you have to truly make a difference.