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COVID Hit… and Increased Business by 25%

2020 has been anything but the norm for businesses, entrepreneurs, employees, and customers. Every business has been hit with new challenges. 

Some businesses have come out stronger. These are the companies that successfully pivoted, kept a focus on their marketing, treated their employees well, and kept going despite the challenges. 

Anchor Harvey is an example of a company that pivoted, rolled with the punches, and found a new path to success. How did they stabilize their business and identify new opportunities?

In this episode, Anchor Harvey President and CEO, Tom Lefaivre shares how his team is navigating the challenges of running a business in a COVID economy.

3 Things We Learned

  • Our clients, prospects, and customers want to hear from us during this time of uncertainty. They want to know that we’re still active and working, and how we’ve shifted operations in response to the pandemic. 
  • With more people working from home, website clicks rates and email open rates have increased significantly. This is a great time to intensify our online marketing efforts instead of slowing or shutting them down. 
  • For many business owners, the 2020 crisis has been a time to put more into taking care of their employees and boosting morale. When we show our people that we care, especially in tough times, we earn a lifetime of loyalty.