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Confidently Hiring for Experience & Wisdom

Today’s workforce is teeming with high-level talent possessing a wealth of wisdom and decades of experience. Do leaders have the confidence and maturity to hire them? 

Young managers can learn a lot from the veteran players but only if they’re able to see past the age gap and manage the relationship maturely.

What are some of the insecurities leaders have around recruiting people with more experience, and how are they mitigated? In this episode, Matt Johnson joins me to discuss why people with more experience and wisdom are such great recruits and the right way to do it. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why we have to approach hiring differently: The things that matter to employees today are vastly different from what mattered in the past. How do executives make sure their offering measures up to what they want? 
  • The biggest barrier to hiring confidently: Young managers are afraid of not having the answers and this holds them back from dipping into an amazing talent pool. How can you overcome this fear? 
  • How to establish a strong working relationship: Why is open dialogue such an important part of getting on the same page with a recruit, and setting the tone for a harmonious working relationship?